Our cherry comes from the Allegheny Mountains in Western Pennsylvania, the area known for growing the nicest cherry in the world. Flooring made from this lumber has little gum and is 100% red on the face of the boards (no sapwood).

Red Oak

Our red oak comes from New England. New England red oak is in demand worldwide because of its bright color, consistent grain, and the lack of dark mineral streaks.


Our maple comes from Central Vermont. Known as hard, rock, or sugar maple, wood from this area has a light, consistent color and a lack of dark mineral streaks. This flooring is 100% white on the face of the boards (all sapwood).


Our ash comes from the White and Green Mountains of New England. In most ash flooring, lighter sapwood is mixed with darker heartwood, but our ash flooring runs mainly to the lighter color because the saw mill selects the lumber color for us.

White Oak

Our white oak is New England stock which has a richer, darker, more consistent color than its Southern or Appalachian cousins. The face of the flooring is 100% heartwood with no sapwood.